Driven by entrepreneurship, creating business growth and problem solving. Success in business reorganization, reducing and eliminating secured and unsecured debt, including State and Federal taxes.
Overall, my experience with Frank was excellent and I'll definitely be using his services moving forward. Not only did he know his stuff, he's also quite a personable and charming person, which is always a huge plus for me when dealing with lawyers.
-Brian T.


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Alvarado Law Group assists companies and individuals in establishing a solid baseline for future growth in their businesses and personal lives. When problems do occur, Alvarado Law Group has a history of successfully managing client’s financial and legal affairs. Attorney Alvarado has been successful in civil litigation, federal adversary cases, and has obtained hundreds of discharge orders. Alvarado Law Group assists in proper corporate formation, protecting intellectual property, and proper use of contract provisions. The most effective problem solving techniques include preemptively implementing protections prior to issues arising. Specifically, establishing how a future problem will be resolved, where it will be resolved, and limiting the costs.

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